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1.Are you Female or Male : Female
2.What name(s) would you prefer on your sigs: Claire
3.Do you like "Couples" sigs? If so what 2 names do you want on them: Single at present
4.What is your hair color: Brown but dye it blond
5.What is your eye color: Blue
6.What is your favorite color: Purple
7.What is your favorite flower: Rose
8.What is your favorite animal: I have several
9.What is your favorite sports team, if any: none
10.What are your favorite fonts: I have several
11.What are your favorite effects: Can't have any on tags
12.What are your favorite hobbies/interests: Bingo, Shopping, Pets, my groups
13.Do you like sparkles: Yes
14.Do you like glitter: Yes
15.Do you like dolls: Yes
16.Do you like blinkies: Yes
17.Do you like Gothic? fairies? angels? witchy: Fairies and angels
18.Do you like animated name tags: Yes & no depending what they are
19.What kinds of sigs do you collect: all kinds
20.Do you like sexy sigs: not to sexy
21.What kinds of sayings do you like: I like all sayings
22.What don't you like for sigs:
23.Who are your fav Artists? Who don't you like: I have so many Artists I like
24.Did we forget something? tell us!!